Who are we? We are Pet Center CZ the pet business leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have long experience of everything what pets need, we employ tens of experts on breeding both domestic and exotic animals and in our chain of more than 130 shops we sell besides pet food and all kinds of pet accessories also live animals.

In July 2016 we decided to extend our activities and create a place which dogs would like and where we could offer their masters excellent services.


Where can you find us? We are located in Horní Počernice, a few minutes of riding by car or bus from Černý Most in Prague. See the full address in Contacts. The entrance to the Dog Hotel is situated on the opposite side of the building of our company headquarters.

What is so special about us? On top of the above mentioned services, the Dog Hotel offers exceptional veterinary care. The vet’s facility is available in the building of our company headquarters for 24 hours a day. There is the largest pet shop in the Czech Republic situated in the same building. You can find here anything you may need not only for your dog but also other pets. And you will certainly be attracted to our little ZOO – for instance to spectacled caiman, large parrots, marmosets and many other animals.


What else to add? The Dog Hotel cooperates with our Nursery School, the daylong care (in 24/7 mode) is guaranteed by experienced hotel-keepers, who were chosen very carefully based on very high demands. We are here for anyone who wants only the best for his/her pet. Whether you are leaving for holiday, working overtime, making for a business trip or just want to let your dog enjoy a day full of fun, we are here for you and your dog.

Do you want to see for yourself? Just do, come to visit us. The only prerequisite is your prior call to make an appointment, so we can reserve our time to devote it fully to you. We will show you round the hotel and the nursery. We will be happy to show you the shop or make a vet appointment for you. See a small tasting sample below – a virtual tour.


A stroll through the hotel