Dog Salon offers complete care about your dog’s health and beauty. Trained and experienced staff will arrange everything without using tranquilizers or anaesthetics. We use solely the highest quality cosmetics and veterinary products intended for sensitive dogs and puppies.

Does your dog need combing out, bathing, drying and trimming? The Dog Salon will arrange everything, with respect to your pre-selected haircut. And including ear cleaning and nail trimming. Anyone, who has ever attempted doing that, knows very well how difficult it may be.

We will help you handle both long-haired and short-haired breeds. In many cases disentangling and treating dog’s hair can help you prevent frequently encountered condition when the dog suffers from tangled hair and you do not know how to comb it out. Hair treatment will also help when your dog needs combing out dead hair. A great solution which your wire-haired dog will benefit from for several months. Then you can visit us again.

Are you not able to bath your dog? Is your home not furnished for that? The Dog Salon is an ideal solution, conveniently keeping you dry. We will take over all the wet business, shaking off and drying for you.

Do you find nail trimming difficult? We are not surprised, as many people are afraid, not knowing how to do that. Many also have difficulties cleaning ears. We will retrieve the situation by treating your dog’s ears and nails always when treating its hair. Alternatively we can treat them separately as well.

Dog Salon Pricing

Small dog Medium dog Big dog Cat
Cutting 350 – 525 550 – 825 800 – 1200 400
Bathing 200 400 600 400
Combined    490 – 725    690 – 1000    1000 – 1400
Trimming 390/hr 490/hr 690/hr
Combing 190/hr 290/hr 440/hr 400
Trímming nails 50 50 50 60
Ears cleaning 50 50 50 50
Plucking ear hairs 50 50 50
Flea control 250 400 600 400
Squeezing anal glands 50 50 50
Feet + Nose 250 250 250
Dog size at shoulders up to 35 cm 35 – 50 cm over 50 cm


Notes: The lowest rates are at regularly maintained by hair (about once every 6-8 week) Price specified as a range is depending on the condition of hair. Any consultation with supplements buying is 200 CZK per hour. Prices include VAT.