Nursery School 
opens every day from 7 a.m. till 7 p.m. It is a fantastic place full of amusement and training for dogs, if for some reason you need to have your dog looked after only in the particular day time. It is part of the Dog Hotel, which brings a lot of further advantages.

  • Every day from 7 a.m. till 7 p.m.
  • Indoor playground of 70 m2
  • Outdoor run of 800 m2
  • Capacity: 10 dogs

The Nursery School will be appreciated by anyone who is too busy during the day but wants or needs the dog to be amused, to be provided with the best care. In the Nursery School the dogs have a lot of fun, run to their heart’s content, meet new dog friends, gain new experience and skills. They also get used to being in a pack.


Price for the services

The Nursery School and Dog Hotel provide daylong supervision by experienced dog hotel-keepers, who take care of the dogs, their amusement and safety. They always look after the dogs with maximum devotion throughout their stay in the nursery during their feeding, playing, airing or training.

  • CZK 250 per day
  • CZK 150 for 4 hours (short-term care)


Further advantages of Nursery School

  • Veterinary facility right in the building
  • Dog sports academy available in the building as well
  • Possible purchase of dog supplies, if needed
  • Trained staff
  • Regular information about your pet
  • Online booking
  • Payment cards accepted


We will be happy to present and show you round our nursery and hotel any time, even before you bring your pet. You will see how your dog will be looked after and you will be sure that it will like it here, which will make you calm. Remember that prior to any visit, whether without the dog or with the dog for the first time, you have to make an appointment over the phone.

When your pet can be admitted to the Nursery School

In order to avoid problems during admission of your dog please meet the following basic requirements.

  • The pet should be in good health condition
  • The pet should be vaccinated and treated for worms, remember to bring the vaccination certificate
  • The pet should be over 3 months of age
  • Female dog must not be in season


What to bring along for your pet

  • Vaccination certificate with valid vaccination
  • Pet bed or its favourite blanket
  • Favourite toy
  • Favourite food, which the dog is used to, for the whole stay
  • Favourite treats
  • Collar and leash